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We connect you to a UK qualified nutritional expert of your choice in minutes. Someone who will understand your symptoms and advise you over a private and secure 1-on-1 videocall consultation.

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Experience HD quality video and sound with your wellness coach so you can get the most of your consultation. Our mobile app lets you keep in touch with your coach and book follow-up consultations that work for you and your lifestyle.

  1. What can a nutritional coach do for me my GP can't?

    Doctors treat an illness and its symptoms directly. However, as any doctor will tell you a healthy lifestyle and good dietary choices can help you recover much more quickly, experience fewer side effects from treatments or medicines, and generally recover your wellbeing faster. A nutritional therapist also known as a wellness coach can help you do that properly and more quickly.

    Perhaps more importantly, though, a nutritional therapist can help you overcome the kind of challenges to your wellbeing that a doctor can’t even begin to address. They may be able to determine which foods are causing or contributing to your ailments and recommend alternatives or even a full diet plan.

  2. I'm too busy to change my life

    That’s where the convenience of Aiverley’s video-call platform comes in. Our coaches know how busy you are, and how to support you and your wellness goals. They will be able to identify foods, supplements and exercises that fit your busy lifestyle, and provide only practical, achievable recommendations.

  3. Will there be a conflict with my medication?

    Your wellness coach will ask you about what medications you are already taking and design a diet and lifestyle plan accordingly.

  4. Do I need regular follow-up sessions?

    Most therapists prefer to have at least one follow-up consultation to determine how you’re getting on and whether you need extra support in achieving your goals. However, it is also possible to simply ‘check in’ with each other from time to time through the Aiverley messenger app.

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Our wellness coaches can help with;

Weight Loss & Weight Management

With support from a nutritionist you’ll be able to meet your weight management goals in a healthy way.

Resolve Slow Digestion

Constipation and other digestion woes in most cases can be solved with a subtle change your diet.

Control Acne and Skin Conditions

In some cases skin irritations are caused by one or two problem items. A nutritionist can help Identify them.

Manage Cholesterol Levels

The right balance of the right foods can bring cholesterol levels into control and reduce your dependence on drugs.

Improve Concentration

Cutting out or eating more of certain types of food groups can boost your concentration at work, school and play!

Women's Health

From pregnancy to postnatal, periods to the menopause our therapists can help manage these changes in your life.

…and so much more.

Consult a qualified nutritional coach for 15 minutes with no obligation.

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