Videocall: The Future of Nutritional Therapy Worldwide

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future of nutritional therapy

Have you ever struggled to find a convenient time to see your doctor for a consultation? Perhaps you had to take off from work or even rush about on your lunch hour just to get to an appointment. It’s the kind of inconvenience that makes people far less likely to take care of their health.

Something wonderful is happening though that is making it easier than ever to get a consultation to discover your best health. You don’t even need to leave home now thanks to current technologies. And while you will likely have to go see your doctor at some point (your dentist too), this technology has freed up time for patients and doctors alike, resulting in better health.

Now, this technology is being used in the field of nutritional therapy and wellness coaching, and it’s a game-changer. If you need help getting your nutrition on track, there’s no need to fumble along looking for an address, take time off work, or twiddle your thumbs in a waiting room, wondering why you still haven’t been seen. At Aiverley Wellness, it’s one of the ways we’re changing nutrition and wellbeing for the better, both for clients and nutritional therapists alike.

Whether you’re in need of a nutritional therapist or you have the training and skills to help a client change their life, this videocall system has so many benefits for everyone!

It’s simply more convenient
A nutritional therapist works in private practice for one-on-one treatments. They use their knowledge of nutrition from a scientific perspective so they can help healthy people prevent disease or even help those with health issues reduce their symptoms.

Bookings are even easier online

Even at the most efficient offices, clients will need to go on hold some of the time. No one likes waiting, especially if they feel the matter is an urgent one. One of our favourite features is that clients can schedule available time slots that work for them, all online without ever having to listen to dreary on-hold music.

Therapists have more reach and clients have more choices
Before videocall, therapists were limited only to clients in their local area. The same was also true for clients. If the therapist you really want to see lives halfway around the world, our newest feature allows you to work with them. It’s a brilliant idea that works out great for everyone.

Target your concerns
Those with medical concerns or specific goals in mind can browse them to find nutritional therapists that excel in those particular areas. It makes finding the right person to work with a stress-free process, especially since all coaches are insured, fully qualified, and specially vetted by Aiverley Wellness to fit our high standards.

Safe and secure
This video call platform ensures that you have a private one-on-one conversation with a trusted wellness coach. All calls are HD and secure to protect your privacy.

With this wider reach, ease of access, and availability, wellness coaching can help more people than ever before with their wellbeing goals. For those wanting to improve wellbeing, wellness coaching via videocall can help you build customized food plans that work for you. They can cheer you on even if they’re far away, help you adjust from any foods that could be slowing you down, and teach you how to eat the right way. 

Learning to love healthy foods doesn’t come easy which is why wellness coaching is something you might be keen on exploring. Getting the right nutrients makes all the difference in wellbeing. Interestingly, most people know this, but they won’t take the steps necessary to walk through the office door for a consultation. 

At Aiverley Wellness, we know all those common objections that are made in the face of change. We also know that sometimes clients can’t wait long before they crack. Having access to a nutritional therapist immediately through a videocall and with continuous contact on a regular basis will make them far more successful.

If you’re a therapist that wants to come be a part of the future of nutritional therapy, Aiverley Wellness would love to have you. You’ll find a greater connection to clients near and far. This allows you to help even more people and keep a better eye on their progress.

For both clients and therapists, even when you meet every 2 weeks, it still might not be enough to make progress. Technology allows us to bridge that gap and be more successful. If you want to improve wellbeing, you have a more solid connection to your therapist, and if you want to help others through nutritional therapy, you now have more time to do it and help even more people than you imagined. 

The future of nutritional therapy is looking bright, and it can only get brighter with Aiverley Wellness. Whether you’re seeking a way to improve your wellbeing, or you are a UK qualified nutritional expert looking for a platform for wellness coaching, Aiverley Wellness connects you all together to make positive changes. 

Aiverley Wellness is all about wellness coaching anytime. Sign up today and be the change you want to see!


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