On-demand access to nutritional experts for your colleagues

Your employee wellness is important to you.

Our experienced nutritional coaches meet your employees 1-on-1 over videocall to help boost their wellness for a healthier lifestyle that promotes morale and productivity.

Give your colleagues the gift of wellness

Our experts work closely with your colleagues to build a picture of their current health status and then carefully devise a personalised diet plan to help them achieve their health and wellbeing goals. The expert provides close support along the way to help implement the new improved lifestyle changes.

The end result is a positive internal and external transformation which can result in a happier home life and more productive work life.

Our experts can help your colleagues with many areas of personal wellness including:

Workplace Wellness Workshops

Our workshops are designed to be interactive and informative giving your colleagues the knowledge and tools they need to stay healthy while working from home or working from work. They’ll also learn about using nutrition to benefit mental health and how to strengthen the immune system.

The workshop is presented by our Nutritional Therapist In-Residence – Uta Boellinger. Uta has first hand experience working in a corporate environment and understands the pressures that come with it.

Included with the workshop is an opportunity for colleagues to speak with Uta 1-to-1 about their health and wellness goals.

Key benefits of workplace wellness workshops by Aiverley

What your colleagues get

One-on-One Video Consultations

Your colleagues connect to a UK qualified nutritional expert able to understand your colleague's lifestyle and ailments.

Personalised Diet Plans

Our nutritional expert will prepare a personalised diet plan for your colleagues' specific wellness goals.

Improved Personal Wellness

The end result is a healthier lifestyle, diet and mindset able to benefit at home and at work.

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